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Copy of bolt fest 35For those of you who need to know, Boltfest is a Rock Festival with tribute bands performing on main stage. I covered some of the Saturday programme for The Bolton News

There?s a conspicuous racket at the small stage with ?Bigfoot?, rocking out, the boys silhouetted in the dry ice. Young and old, are as one, rocking out.

The wonderful Nikon D810 means I can crop really close on the musicians and the quality stays crisp even at high ISO?s.

The atmosphere in the field is also wonderful and I just record what catches my eye with always the human element. It?s the usual collection, couples, groups, cute kids (perhaps in the tattooed arms of scary looking Dads), who turn out to be some of the nicest people around?yeah, rockers are a big family , welcoming, providing you appreciate them!

Copy of bolt fest 2

The ?ACDC Experience? starts up.

Men re- living the youth of rock concerts from the 1970?s, cross my path.

The unmistaken scent of Petula oil is around, probably on the denim?of the faithful nestling at the barrier. Waiting for a pretend Angus to strut and point.

I pull myself away from the field to leave the field to ?Thunderstruck?

After all, these pictures need putting through for the morning and I?ve got plenty




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