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A local Primary was planning a refreshing new website with their old one, brimming with text, graphics, but not photographs and they needed them within the week!

The school had decided that snaps on an iPad wouldn?t be satisfactory and beside teachers have enough to do anyway.

My first approach was by speaking to the acting Head, to talk through what the school as a community, was eager to share and show as a showcase to impress parents and future pupils. This was the framework for my plan of image ideas.

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On return the following day after assembly and with the staff briefed I made a start in the key stage 1 sections and soon realized there would have to be a lot of ?milling around?, popping into different classes as ?key? events and activates happened, some posed up and some as they happened.all saints 47

I?m always amazed at how much longer these photoshoots take. The school can?t stop operating whilst it waits for Richard Holton to sort himself out and before long, it was apparent that an extra hour, the next day was needed to ?mop up? the remaining ideas I?d ?storyboarded? in my photographer?s mind.


As with the first day, recruiting pupils for certain staged images was easy as every school  having bucketful?s of  budding actors; not so for the teaching staff!

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