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Marple Gang? Show.?Volunteer Photographer.

gang 6


A rousing opening scene from all the cast.


The brilliant thing about the Gang Show season is the heroic hard work, thought and volunteer days. No,MONTHS, that a small army of adults and young people channel into the two and a half hours stage show ofgang 3 colour and light.gang 5

When I was asked to be volunteer photographer on dress rehearsal Sunday it was of course YES and so I joined with the others who freely give their time.


The double run- through rehearsals started in the afternoon and in some part I used that first practice run and was careful to avoid camera angle from the same side of stage which would have make for a boring selection. A flash of course was not used and I shot between 1600 and 4000ASA and between f2.8 and f8. The lighting of the stage was very diverse, uneven with falloff, hotspots and a selection of light types, colour temperatures, made it a challenge for my Nikon 810, but it performed well despite this. I was mindful to include in my selection of choice a healthy mix of wide, small group, atmospheric and perhaps individual performers giving their best.

gang 4


Having made a mental note of missed chances at first practice, I was ready to tie up loose ends with photo ideas for the second run through.

It was brilliant to see all those in the show, grow with confident on stage as the week went by.

Thanks for entertaining me and Three Cheers!

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