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The Jenkins’ Family photos

DSC 6496


David and Caroline wanted some photos of their, gorgeous son Nathan.

I met them at the family home. having first discussed the best time of the day for Nathan (not hungry, sleepy and in good spirits)!

DSC 6496

With such a young sitter i’ve learnt to generally allow them to play, move around and interact with their surroundings. So as Nathan, was tickled, sang to and? entertained by mum and dad. I was able to access the room for light.We were soon used to each other,his incredible smile soon appeared,? and the photo session started!

Lighting wasn’t entirely? straight forward, and with bounce flash,the colour of the room and chairs, reflected a lot of creams and reds onto Nathan’s face.One solution was setting up a flash stand and shooting remotely and using some natural light from the room window.

Photography outside , when possible, always gets results. Subjects loosen up and relax for the camera and it’s and opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of telephoto lens In this case, there happened to be some lovely riverside walks close by. Very handy

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