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Earl Mill ,Oldham

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I was asked to photograph the early development of The Earl Business Centre, Oldham, a traditional cotton mill and now a series of developing business units.
The main challenge from this brief was a lot of the office space was empty awaiting tenants and small businesses. Having found one busy office, I was able to recruit workers, in a series of photographs to make the space look lived in and to ?soften? the hard edges of the mill. Getting them to chat together, walk down corridors or steps and use the shared meeting rooms to give a feeling of progress and occupation. Chatting to the security lady on reception was invaluable here as she knew everyone!goyt properties 44goyt properties 42
Knowing I wanted to incorporate the modern exterior of the centre, I simply asked a couple of work colleagues to pretend they were leaving for the day or off out for a business meeting, to walk out of the main entrance.
Some of the internal mill walls were heftily Photoshopped to blur and clone out distractive water pipes, uneven brick alignment, company logos and signs that no longer used the centre
for its operations. A sad looking vine tree was even dragged into the frame on a shot!
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