David and Natalie’s Wedding Day

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DSC 2302 editDavid and Natalie wedding day. Queen Elizabeth Rooms at Bolton Town Hall

Ideally I meet couples to discuss their wishes and ideas however, the Bride and Groom had been referred from elsewhere so apart from the first contact phone call and subsequent texting. The first time I met David and Natalie was on the day itself. Those being married are always more nervous than the photographer however!

DSC 2500 editAs the photographer, I?m also eager to stake out the room and normally this is known to me or I?ve had chance to visit ahead of time. It?s also useful to have an understanding of the rules of whatever ceremony makes up the wedding. Planning and having this understanding with those officiating on the day, makes for a harmonious occasion.

There was plenty of nervous waiting and with just 30 minutes before

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the bride?s scheduled walk into the room, the Albert Room doors were at last opened and I gained access and was surprised ( and relieved), this recently restored room? was well lit? with ?day light? temperature lights supplement with and large windows. The registrar, after talking to the groom and best man then spoke briefly to me.

No sooner had this happened, I glimpsed outside and spotted the wedding car. Natalie was early, very early, (The Brides privilege!)This was her plan and an opportunity to get some fresh air to gather her nerves and a chance for me to introduce myself to the Bride, her father and say hi to the bridesmaids

The wedding ceremony was surprisingly short and it was abundantly evident of how



David and Natalie felt about each other!

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Afterwards, there was a chance to set?up some formal photos in the reception area on the steps. I suggested this because of the windy conditions outside with the added bright directional sunlight and the fact that Le Man Crescent in the town centre is a public are, with cars taxis to distract backgrounds.

There was just time for one big group before whisking

DSC 2226 edit?the newlyweds around the crescent for some couple photos and going to pre-planned locations nearby. Along the way there were congratulations from the people of Bolton with even Parking Attendant Officers joining in the celebrations!


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