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CJ’s Cool Birthday.

cj 2

A stylish birthday with, music and snow!

The Roman lakes Leisure Park near Marple, was once a destination for tens of thousands of people who, escaping the smog from the Manchester mills, would dress in their Sunday best? and journey by train to Marple station; walk the half mile down Lakes Road to an enchanting boating lake and tea rooms.

Turnstile gates can still be seen and testify to the business of this these times.

My wife?s Grandfather would skate on the lake if the winter was a harsh oneand I remember having our boat number called in when I rowed with my family as a child.

And so on a snowy evening it was here that CJ celebrated her birthday with family and friends in the renovated Tea Rooms by welcoming guests.

cj 1

cj 4

What was refreshing about this party was the music throughout with contribution s from CJ?s friends, her husband and even the birthday girl herself. The rooms give a lovely?close and theatrical feel.cj 3

The term ?Shooting Fish in a Barrel? is a photographer?s term describing a straight forward assignment with little or no obstacles. This was such an occasion!

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