Alex and Georgia?s Wedding Day

Wedding Photographers Stockport

It?s a joy and a huge responsibility to photograph a couple?s wedding day.

Georgia?s family were lovely and welcoming and their beautiful home in Disley with super views across a meadow.

The Bride was to marry Alex at the impressive St George?s church on the A6 near Stockport .Even on a bright sunny day the interior of this lovely church, is a challenge for light. I had to uprate to above 1000 ISO but the main problem were the pockets of sunlight and deep shadow featured along the aisle and as a result that, one side of the church was well lit and the other in the shadows

Wedding Photographers Stockport

The walk down the aisle made by Georgia and her Dad, Gary took them through these contrasts of light. The RAW files on the backup memory card, overcame these contrasts in, so when editing later i was able to keep detail in Georgia?s dress whilst capturing the emotion on her Dad?s Face!

My work is a lot easier as they left the church. Nerves had disappeared and the new Mr and Mrs Choules stepped out into the sunlight. I just photographed the happiness!

Finding an evenly lit and ?calm? background; I got to work on some group photos. Guests had the chance to snap a pic or two (mostly on smartphones these days). One guest showed me a slowed down movie of the confetti moment, filmed on her iPhone! My camera can?t do that but it can record in quality and therefore, in my opinion, the importance of a professional photographer.

The wedding party arrived to a gloriously sunny Hazel Grove Golf Club. An upstairs room had been prepared by members of the family and there was a convenient balcony outside with chance for relaxed and informal group photos and a perfect vantage point for the large group picture that Alex and Georgia had requested overlooking the 18th tee.

Group Wedding Photographer Stockport

The speeches began with and so did the tears, the laughter and the embarrassment!

I shot this series with direct flash and diffuser as the intense and reflected light, from behind the top table was blinding at times.

When it came to the first dance I had arranged with the DJ to station a flash stand, beside the speaker fitted with a Speedlite SB910 so to give modelling light and lit foreground with a second bounced and hand held flash.

Thanks once again for making me feel welcome everyone!





Wedding Photographers Stockport

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