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A Marple Family Portrait Photography Shoot

A Family Portrait Photography Shoot in Marple

I had spoken to the family about Lyme Park for a location, wild, rugged remote hills (perfect for ultra-long lenses) and mixed with the impressive house, gardens, lakeside and forest walks.

However, on the morning the weather was forecasting heavy downpours and with Lyme, such a huge open space and a lot of it without shelter, a decision was made to travel? to a local spot so if the weather closed in, we could retreat to the car!

This ?window? of time is the perfect environment for a press photographer, with a light bag, to tell the story with photographs and I was able to work quickly in the grounds of Chadkirk Chapel before the weather deteriorated and we returned to the family?s home for? a warm up.

For the additional images I decided on a seating area that could hold six tall adults, removed any distractive background. Some highly patterned cushions were hidden and I asked for a large framed picture to be taken off the wall. Having set up the flash stand, one three-quarters onto the group and the other angled high and behind with two Speedlights.

Portarit tip.

Hands in photos. They can be intensely distracting unless they are tidied up or hidden. Your subject has to be comfortable however or it shows in the end images, so some poses didn?t work as expected. ?Just by encouraging the family to lean in and together for a few seconds, improved the composition

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